This project has been set up to fail. However, if it beats the odds and succeeds in selling NFTs, I’d like to make sure that a solid chunk of that sweet cryptocash goes to good causes. (After I rescue it from the plummeting crypto market by converting it to real money, of course. Inflation is bad but at least fiat currency loses value over months or years instead of minutes.)

Forest & Bird

Forest & Bird is an independent conservation charity who for more than 90 years has worked to protect New Zealand’s wildlife and wild places.


Rainbow Youth

Rainbow Youth provides support, information, resources & advocacy for Aotearoa’s queer, gender diverse, takatāpui and intersex youth. 



Pillars works with the children of prisoners and their families to help them all have lives which are positive and contribute to healthy and successful futures.


Teach First NZ

Teach First NZ aims to help all children to fulfil their potential by disrupting the inequities that exist in education and in society. 


Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a youth-led climate action organisation. They mobilise New Zealanders to engage with decision-making and campaign for intergenerational climate justice.


350 Aotearoa

350 Aotearoa‘s vision is for a safe climate and a better future – a just, prosperous, and equitable world built with engaged advocates.