Things continue to happen!

After the initial media frenzy consisting solely of the article on Webworm, the early surge of art sales has subsided a bit. But good people are continuing to pursue their passion for ridding the world of NFTs and supporting artists, and thanks to two wonderful Patreon supporters and 20 more art pieces sold, we can reduce the total Bird Hat Grift Club NFTs available to mint, this time by 22. Added to the previous total, that gives us 176 potential NFTs destroyed forever. Here’s another reminder of how we’re calculating how many NFTs to get rid of:

For every artwork / merchandise sold1 Collectible NFT removed
For each Patreon subscription purchased10 Collectible NFTs removed
For each commissioned artwork sold50 Collectible NFTs removed
For each original artwork sold1 Original NFT removed
To the moooooon

This leaves just 9323 NFTs available to mint, with a total of 0 (zero) NFTs minted so far. Good work everyone. So far Traditional Artist Support Methods are absolutely thrashing NFTs, 176 to nil. Let’s keep that lid sinking.

Tech stuff: If you were wondering how this all worked, the simple explanation is that my excellent developer and I have set up the Bird Hat Grift Club Collectibles contract so I can reduce the number of birds available to mint. Chances are we’ll only have to do it once a week or so, and we’ve done it once so far. Each time we do this it leaves a transaction record in the glorious, immutable blockchain, forever and ever, amen. You can check it out here. So yeah, rest assured, we really are getting rid of the ability to mint these NFTs.